What’s your priority?

We spend so much time in our lives worrying about where the things we need will come from or how we will get through the problems we are going through. We rely on ourselves and the people around us to bail us out from time to time. A majority of those times we get frustrated when things go wrong. Do not get me wrong it is not bad to ask for help when needed because God puts people in our lives for that reason sometimes. The thing is what is your priority? Are you looking to God first in these times or are you continuously worrying about how these problems will get fixed? Are you leaning on people so much that they are getting tired of helping?

I have always been a person that has worried about money. I always stressed about my next paycheck and if I will be able to afford the bills that were due. Early in my marriage to Jenn I would constantly be on her about how much she was spending so we would not get into a hole. I borrowed from people. I know for most people this is an issue. It is also just one example of the things people stress, worry or get frustrated about.

That was until I realized after reading the verse above and many others that those worries started to disappear by concentrating on my relationship with God first. The hope that I needed to get through the problems I was facing in life came by God providing what I needed through that relationship. That relationship will provide our needs over and over again if we make it a priority. Sometimes it will not look like we want it to but God knows what we need better than we do for ourselves. Make your relationship with God first priority and He will be there for you time and time again.

Be Blessed, Dave