When do you cut ties?

I think the title is a hard question for everybody. We care so much about things in our lives and people in our lives we hesitate to eliminate those things or stop talking to people that cause us issues. I think all of us have either things in our lives that cause us to act wrong. We all probably have people in our lives that cause to do things or say things we shouldn’t. So when do you cut those things or people our of your life?

Matthew 5:29-30 If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of the parts of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of the parts of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.

The above verse talks about cutting body parts off and throwing them away if they cause to sin. Because it is better to go to heaven with one less part than go to hell with your body intact. Since this is a metaphor I believe this pertains to the things in our lives and also people in our lives that cause us issues or cause us to sin. What if every time we interact with a certain person we get angry, fight, or continually get hurt? Wouldn’t this verse pertain to those kind of circumstances?

Yes the bible tells us in Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter approached him and asked, “Lord, how many times must I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? As many as seven times?” “I tell you, not as many as seven,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven. and I agree with that. We should try to forgive as many times as we can but isn’t there a point that we come to that says enough is enough? Being taken advantage of or hurt shouldn’t last our entire life. So I think the verse above applies to those times. We should still forgive but I don’t think when we get to those points that we need to hold onto things or people that we need to cuts ties with. We should forgive but that doesn’t mean things have to stay the same.

The verse below I believe also ties into the subject we are talking about due to the fact that Jesus is saying here that God prunes away things in our lives that do not produce fruit. So those things and or people that cause us to not produce the things God has called us to produce He trims away. So as long as we stay connected to Jesus and God helps us trim off the bad in our lives we will be able to produce what God has called us to produce. That will probably look different for different people but God intends it all for good.

John 15:1-8 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. Every branch in me that does not produce fruit he removes, and he prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, and I in you. Just as a branch is unable to produce fruit by itself unless it remains on the vine, neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without me. If anyone does not remain in me, he is thrown aside like a branch and he withers. They gather them, throw them into the fire, and they are burned. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you want and it will be done for you. My Father is glorified by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be my disciples.

Remember to pray in those circumstances so you don’t do something that you will regret. God will guide you in what to do when the times comes.

Be Blessed, Dave

There will be Disappointment!

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

When Jenn and I started this blog we said we would share life with you in the chance that it might help someone get through something in their life. We also said we would be honest about things so everyone who read it sees we all go though rough times and have the same kind of troubles. With that being said here is my latest.

I have lived my life since finding Jesus for other people. At times I fail at it but Jesus grabs my heart and turns me back to the right path. John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Philippians 2:3  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves. God called me to this way of thinking a long time ago in my calling to be a pastor but also by sacrificing for those around me. If you knew me many years ago you know I didn’t care about what others needed. I cared about my needs and what I had to do to get them. No matter if that meant taking it or hurting others in the process. So me going without or sacrificing my needs or desires for others was a stretch for me then. Well fast forward that is how I live today and everyday. That brings me to why I am writing this post.

There will be disappointment. No matter how much you give and give and give there will be people in your life that will want more from you. They do not look at the big picture they seem to always think that they still deserve more. Like you live your life to provide what they need. No matter how hard you try to teach that everything is not a necessity or that somethings should be earned they don’t want to hear it. No matter if you tell them how much you have done that they don’t realize they tell you isn’t that your responsibility or just say ok. They always have an excuse for their way of thinking and don’t want to hear a different perspective.

I am here to tell you we have a God that will never disappoint us. He doesn’t want anything from you . He just wants your love. Yes we live our lives in obedience the best we can but not out of obligation but out of love. Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. People will disappoint you but God will not. He also uses things in our lives to work together for the good if we love Him. Sometimes we might not understand why we are going through what we are going through or why God is allowing it but Isaiah 55:8-9 says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways.” This is the Lord’s declaration. “For as heaven is higher than earth, so my ways are higher than your ways,
and my thoughts than your thoughts. God knows what we need more than we know what we need for ourselves. Trust God and what He is doing in your life because He loves us and wants the best for us. Do not hold onto the disappointment people dish out. Know that if you are doing your best at following God’s will for your life you are doing the right thing. I pray this blesses someone today.

Be Blessed, Dave