Election Time

As we are a little less than a week away from the upcoming election, I cannot help but to notice how divided our country is. Now I know that it is very common during election season to be surrounded by people who are of a different party than us; however, it is so disheartening to see how ugly this division has become. Since when is it okay to attack people for their beliefs both mentally and physically?!

My mind often wanders back to September 12,2001. As difficult as 9/11 was, I have to admit 9/12 was truly amazing! To feel the love and unity throughout our country was something I will never forget. During the months after the attacks, people all over the country put aside their differences and joined together to mourn the lives lost, celebrate the heroes, and to work to put the words “One Nation” back together. Walking down the street people were saying hello to each other and smiling, everyone all over were displaying American flags high and proud for all to see and it truly felt like we had banned together to show the enemies what the United States of America truly represented. It did not matter whether you were black, white, Asian, a republican or democrat, a Christian or atheist. We were one!

Fast forward 19 years and once again we are divided.

It should not matter who you are voting for on November 3rd or what color your skin is or even what religion you are. We are still all human beings who all bleed the same color. We are still “One Nation Under God”! It is time for us to join together once again and respect each other and love each other the way God always intended. We need to learn to love one another as we love ourselves.

Be Blessed,