We Live in A Sin-filled World

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬

As I spent the last couple of days in Atlantic City, I was saddened and surprised to see the truth of what kind of world we live in. Just walking on the beach with my kids and granddaughter, I was disgusted with what I was seeing. Not only were women dressed inappropriately (even for the beach), but the alcohol and foul language surrounding us was horrendous! There is absolutely no respect for children anymore!! The two men sitting about 200 feet from us did not think anything of smoking, cursing, drinking, and listening to foul music, seeing that we had 6 kids with us did not even phase them. The two girls to the side of us, felt it was okay to be smoking hookah and from what we smelled, pot, again right in front of the kids. So we did the best we could to distract the kids from what was going on around us and I turned on some Christian music.

Later that night we decided to walk the boardwalk. (I personally had only been on the Atlantic City boardwalk years ago with Dave). The boardwalk was HORRIBLE!!! The second you step foot on the boards, all you smelled was pot. Everywhere we walked people were smoking weed, cursing, barely dressed, and not wearing masks. Cops were nowhere to be found, people “dipping out” all around us. What is this world we live in?! There is absolutely no respect for our children!!! I was embarrassed to be there with my kids and not only embarrassed but so disappointed!

This world is a scary place. We as Christians need to protect our kids. We cannot change the world or keep them in a bubble, however, what we can do is teach them right from wrong. As we talked about everything we had seen and heard, I felt convicted to pray for the people on that boardwalk.

Do they know Jesus? If they don’t, would they still be doing and saying the things that they are, had they known Him? What would this world look like if more people knew Jesus? If instead of judging, we do more praying?